Features that makes Selling Easier
Meet each visitor where they are in their journey. Target them with personalized websites based on how much they know you and how they behave on your site.
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Increase Sales engagement
Can’t turn your site traffic into sales? Got a high bounce rate? You should your customer's buyer journey and personalize the page to nudge them in the right direction.
Product Recommendation
Converting customers is easy peasy with Relevic. Multiply your sales with product recommendations, special offers, and cart abandonment content.
Promote Discounts & Offers
Make potential customers notice special offers, site-wide sales, and recommended products at the right time. We'll help you identify customers and convert potential opportunities - cross-selling, anyone?
Increase user engagement
Engaging users is your first step in the conversion process. Promote your related content, product, or campaign to boost user engagement and keep them on your site longer.
Get Personalization up & running in 3 simple steps
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Copy the Configuration
Insert our script into the header section of your website.
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Create a Page Variation
Use our editor to personalize your message, CTAs, images and structure.
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Setup a Campaign
Design targeted campaigns with our intuitive drag-and-drop canvas.
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Personalize with ease - No Code Required!
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Works with every website tech
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AI Recommendations
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No Code Solution
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Effortlessly edits with our point & click interface
Try Our Editor Now!
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Personalize your website with ease!
Visitor attention is a valuable commodity, lets make sure relevant content is shown first. Here are some things you can seamlessly change on your website
Update text on your website to speak directly to the needs and interest of each visitor.
Craft a compelling CTA that resonates with each visitor and leads to higher conversion.
Easily swap images on your website and create a personalized browsing experience .
Rearrange page elements, add new ones or even delete irrelevant sections to fit the user journey.
Success stories from around the world
A no-code tool to captivate, engage and convert your visitors in just 5 minutes. Sounds interesting.
Using Relevic, we have noticed a significant boost in our sales conversion (up by 34%). The tool makes it easy to test different user experience ideas without needing any technical skills. It has been a game changer, saving us valuable time and effort. Highly recommended!
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Giuseppe M
Product Manager
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We were initially skeptical about personalization, but Relevic proved its value. Actually, higher engagement and conversions here convinced us to double down on our optimization efforts. This has been a valuable addition to our strategy.
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Anna P
Marketing Manager
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