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About Us
Help others win
The way people and companies interact with brands has drastically changed. If you’re not creating personalized and valuable experiences, you won’t be rewarded with their time and money.

Relevic understands this change in consumer dynamics and is on a mission to help you create one-on-one interactions with your customers easily and stress-free.
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The amazing team behind Relevic
Our team of leaders spearheads innovation and drives growth initiatives, dedicated to maximizing ROI for your business. With their expertise and vision, they navigate the evolving landscape, leveraging strategic insights to propel us towards success.

From pioneering new ideas to executing robust strategies, they are the driving force behind our continuous evolution and sustained prosperity
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Saad Sohail
Co-Founder, Sales Lead
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Fahd Sheikh
Co-Founder, Marketing Lead
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Ali Sohail
Co-Founder, Product Lead
Core Values
The benchmark for our Company's operations
At Relevic, our values guide every decision we undertake. Whether we're deliberating on granting employees the liberty to attend conferences or developing new features for our customers, our values serve as our compass, ensuring we consistently strive to be the finest version of our company.
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We Iterate to Success
Success doesn't follow a linear path. We recognize our errors and leverage them as lessons to propel us toward our goals.
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We Encourage Personal Growth
Great companies thrive on great people. We empower our employees to reach their full potential, personally and professionally.
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We Go The Extra Mile
Choosing mediocrity is simple. We're committed to surpassing expectations, whether by tackling internal obstacles or exceeding customer needs.
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All While Having Fun
Work doesn't need to feel like a chore or be dull. We believe in finding enjoyment in our tasks, as it fuels good work rather than hinders it.