Dynamic Landing Pages: Boost Conversions with Personalization
Jul 2, 2024
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Hirra Faisal

Are you worried about how to capture consumers' attention amid such cutthroat competition? 🌟

How to increase turnover in markets that are already saturated? 💼

How to enhance your customers' website experience to maximize sales? 💻

Chances are, you may have heard that personalization is the answer to all your problems. And that personalization can be implemented using dynamic landing pages.

But what is personalization? And what are dynamic landing pages?

Well this blog will answer all your questions!

Personalization is the process of enhancing user experience by tailoring web content according to their specific needs and requirements. Instead of showing a generic web page, each website visitor is shown a web page designed for them. This allows visitors to feel valued and increases their satisfaction. It also saves them time and energy.

Research now shows that customers demand personalization.

71% of website users said they expect brands to provide them with a personalized web experience. While another study shows that 60% of users said that they would visit the website again after having a satisfying personalized experience!

Dynamic landing pages are the most effective way of achieving that personalization.

But what are dynamic landing pages, and how can you use them to attract customers? Let us first discuss what landing pages are in general before diving into the world of dynamic landing pages. 

What are landing Pages? 📄

Landing pages are web pages that a customer arrives at after clicking on a link in an email, a social media ad, or even a search engine result.

Landing pages are designed with a single focus, which is to compel the customer to take action like clicking a call to action (CTA) button. This makes them different from homepages as homepages give a general overview of the entire website and contain links to different pages of the website. Their goal isn't to serve a specific purpose. But it's to allow customers to explore the website and assist them in navigating through a range of options on the website.

This is why landing pages are more relevant in marketing campaigns.

Landing pages contain specific content to cater to segmented audiences. This helps boost conversions because it shows the customers what they want. A compelling design that has clear CTAs further encourages customers to take action. This can be to make the purchase, or sign up for a free trial, or subscribe to an newsletter,, for example. 

Types of landing pages (with examples) 🔀

Types of landing pages

All landing pages can broadly be categorized into two types; static pages and dynamic landing pages.

Static landing pages, as the name suggests, contain content that is static, or that is the same for all users. It is only changed when the owner changes the content . It does not interact with the customer and sometimes can have outdated data.

Static pages are cheaper to produce and maintain, and load faster too. However, their limited functionality prevents them from being used for personalization. A classic example would be the Nike Store Locator web page.

Source: Nike

Dynamic landing pages, on the other hand, contain dynamic content that changes in real time according to customer requirements and specifications such as:

  • The customers' demographics. 🌍
  • The search terms used by the customer. 🔍
  • The stage of your funnel that they are in. 🛒

Dynamic landing pages are a bit costly to produce as compared to static pages. This is because they are more complex, and usually have more loading time.However, their benefits outweigh the cost of producing them due to the various benefits of personalization achieved through them.

This is possible due to their interactive design. And also due to their ability to adapt in real-time to customer preferences. Furthermore, a dynamically generated landing page makes sure that web users only see content that is relevant to them. This, in turn, increases user engagement on the website.

Both these features of personalization and relevance add up to increased conversion rates. This is because customers are more convinced to take the desired action. This enhanced user experience not only increases customer satisfaction, butit also improves brand loyalty and increases customer retention. An example would be of a dynamic landing page opening up on Claire’s website when a customer clicks on a mini makeup set for young girls.

This landing page adapts in real time to show the customer related product recommendations. It also shows recommendations of products “Frequently bought together”. This provides the customer with all the options to choose from, and makes it easy for them. It also convinces them to buy something else if not that particular mini makeup set.

Claire’s website when a customer clicks on a mini makeup set for young girls
Source: Claire’s

Another example is the law firm Smith & Lauren. In this example, they've used email marketing campaigns to send out emails to potential clients interested in Tort Law. 

When a new visitor clicked on the link given in the email, he was shown a dynamic landing page instead of a static page without personalization. The dynamic landing page showed Tort Law as one of the main items on the top half of the webpage. It also showed a targeted header image, a targeted CTA with suggested services and a contact form with an interest related title.

law firm Smith & Lauren Personalization
Source: Personyze

More examples of dynamic landing pages 📚

Now let's look at some more examples to understand better how dynamic landing pages show different content to different users at the same time.


Spotify promotes its premium subscription to customers all across the world by using location-based dynamic landing pages. 

Let’s look at instances from the United States and Germany.

The United States’ landing page:

The Spotify United States’ landing page

Germany’s landing pages:

The Spotify Germany’s landing page

As you can see, the landing page for US customers is in English, with the premium fee being in US dollars.

But for German customers, the same landing page is in German, so as to better connect with them.

Note that the subscription fee is also mentioned in euros. 

Apart from the language and currency, both landing pages have the same header page and identical design layout.


In contrast to Spotify, Sephora uses location-based dynamic pages in a different way.

Sephora has different product offerings depending on the customer’s location. Let’s look at an example for customers from India and the United States.

Sephora India Landing Page:

Sephora India Landing Page

Sephora US Landing page:

Sephora US Landing page

As you can clearly see, both pages show different products to customers from different nations depending upon the customer preferences in that area.

Sephora India shows the header image of a brand that has collaborated with an Indian designer to launch an exclusive collection. 

It also displays free shipping offer for orders over and above with the amount mentioned in Indian rupees

US customers see a completely different landing page with different header images and product listings.

They are also shown exclusive ‘Father’s Day’ gift offers which the Indian customers are not shown on the Indian variant.

Dynamic landing pages best practices 📋

Now that you understand what dynamic pages are and how beneficial they can be, it is important to note certain factors that should be considered when creating dynamic landing pages. This is to maximize their effectiveness.

An important point is that these factors only give a heads-up when building your first dynamic page.

Match the message of your marketing medium 📨

Companies use dynamic landing pages primarily to direct visitors clicking on social media ads or coming from other marketing mediums, to landing pages that align with their search query.

This is to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, and to ensure that customers see what they want. As well as, take the required action instead of getting lost trying to find the specific product/service on the website.

Therefore, it is important to match the dynamic landing page copy, and somewhat design, to the ads you are running on social media and search engines.

For instance, a visitor clicking on ads for travel packages for Venice is directed to Airbnb reviews in Istanbul Turkey . He will probably exit the website instead of sticking around and searching on the travel agency website. 

Keep it consistent 🔄

Just like message match discussed above, it is also important to ensure that all the elements of your dynamic landing pages are consistent with one another across different variations. And all align with the brand and the campaign they represent.

Avoid keyword stuffing 🚫

It is important to not get carried away with keywords and overload the dynamic landing page, making it unnatural and incoherent upon reading.

Keep the action above the fold ⬆️

‘Above the Fold’ refers to the top half of the newspaper page. Here, it means to ensure all important elements of the dynamic landing page, namely, the headline, CTA and yes any unique sales promotions, are visible to the visitor without having to scroll down.

Add authentic social proof ✅

Always display any customer reviews, user testimonials, media mentions, and awards on the interactive landing page. This is to build credibility and add some authenticity to your claims on the dynamic landing page. This is because word of mouth can significantly influence the customer’s thinking and decision-making process.

Create a convincing copy with the right value 📝

It is important to have a copy that's clear and to the point. And at the same time, convincing enough to compel the visitor to take action.

This should further be complemented with striking visuals, including images and videos that support your core message.

Emphasize CTA 🛎️

As mentioned above, one of the core goals of a dynamic landing page is to compel the visitors to take action. For this purpose, it is of paramount importance that CTAs on the dynamic landing page are well defined and highlighted using striking visuals and persuasive text, to convince the customers to take action. CTAs should also be placed above the fold, so that they are impossible to miss at first glance. Having a sense of urgency, like a limited time offer can also cause customers to click the CTA.

Remove navigation 🚫

Keep distractions on your dynamic landing page, like links back to your homepage, additional CTAs, and site navigation, to a minimum as they could divert visitor attention from the main CTA or even drive them away from the dynamic landing page.

Keep testing different elements on the landing pages 👨‍💻

The best way to have a great dynamic landing page is to keep on testing different elements on the dynamic landing pages, making changes and then testing again.

This is particularly important if you want your business to be a step ahead in the game given the market competition, and provide the best possible personalized experience to your valued customers.

Are dynamic landing pages important for my business? 🎯

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Wrapping up…✉

As discussed above, personalization and dynamic landing pages have changed the tables in the online world. And these strategies need to be adopted and implemented if you want your business to flourish online! So click the CTA above and start your personalization journey today!

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