Web Personalization Tools of 2024: A Comprehensive Overview
Jul 19, 2024
10 Mins Read
Saleha Fahd

In the last few years, personalization has become an essential part of digital marketing, giving every customer of yours a personalized experience. This means it helps you provide your customers with tailor-made recommendations, content, images, and structure suitable to their interests and requirements. This is evident from a marketing survey by Epsilon, which states that almost 80% of customers are more likely to conduct business with a company that provides them with web personalization. Another digital marketing company, Econsultancy, published that 94% of companies experienced a rise in conversion rates after personalizing their websites. 

Expert opinion on web personalization

Hence, we can say that web personalization not only drives profitability and revenues for your businesses, but it also enhances customer loyalty. 

But before diving into its additional benefits, let’s first try to understand what website personalization is? 

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What Is Website Personalization? 🤔

Website personalization is the process of creating a unique user journey or online experience for every visitor of your website. Since every visitor is different, tailoring the customer journey to their interests and behaviors is essential to optimize it. In other words, personalization makes your customer feel like one in a million buyers 🏆.

Contrary to this, generic website information is homogeneous and undifferentiated. It produces a one-dimensional and forgettable user experience by failing to engage your customer on a deeper level. Sigh! 🙁

Why Website Personalization is Important For Your Business?✌

Website personalization uses real-time data to create a tailored user experience. 

McKinesy stats on personalization
Source: McKinsey
McKinsey infographics on personalization
Source: McKinsey

Moving on, let’s unlock the power of web personalization and discuss in detail the advantages it can provide to your business:

1. Increase in conversion rates: Your business can do this by delivering content tuned to your user's interests. This strategic alignment means that your users are more likely to take the desired actions, whether purchasing, signing up for a newsletter, or engaging with brand content. 

2. Decrease in bounce rates: For your new users, bounce and abandonment usually occur when your content does not match with the user's search intent. You can use website personalization to show your customers what makes them unique. This fosters their trust and reduces bounce rates.

3. Enhanced brand loyalty: The website personalization strategy gives your customers a feeling of care. It shows them that you, as a brand, respect their uniqueness. Over time, this clear understanding builds a strong bond between you and your customer.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Personalization Software? 🤔

If the multitude of web personalisation tools available today surprises you, you are not alone. You should consider these factors when choosing your personalization software. Then, take a deep breath and say, "All set, my problem is taken care of!” 🙌

❖ Use cases:

Various web personalization tools are suitable for various scenarios. Your business typically loses customers at different points in the customer journey, so you have to use different techniques accordingly. For example, if high rates of cart abandonment are a problem, sending personalized discounts to your customers is a wonderful idea. Hence, it is important for you to choose a tool that fits the majority of your use cases.

❖ Scalability:

Some personalization tools make it very easy to cover different scenarios, while others may involve complex custom coding. It is important to consider how easily a tool can be scaled in your current technology and user journey. There is a good chance that your customer does not need any complex tool, as it has few touch points in your sales funnel to be customized.

❖ Industry:

The industry your business falls into also specifies the web personalization tool you need. Some technologies are for B2B websites while others are for B2C or D2C e-commerce sites. Depending upon your audience, you can create different kinds of personalized content.

❖ Ease of use:

When evaluating a personalized software, factors such as User Interface (UI) design, initial walkthroughs, and compatibility are considered  to ensure that the chosen personalization tool is easy to use without prior technical knowledge. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations have always proved effective. Also, selecting softwares with free demos and helpful customer support greatly enhances your experience.

Cost effectiveness:

Your business goes through a cost-benefit analysis to determine if the cost of your personalization tool is justified by the benefits it provides. This includes improved user engagement, higher conversion rates, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Hence, it is important to choose a tool that does not outweigh your costs as your business grows.

❖ Integration possibility:

Your efforts to personalize your website may fail if the chosen software does not connect with other platforms you are using. Hence, your web personalization tool should support seamless flow of data in a harmonized format.

List of Relevant Personalization Tools of 2024

Let’s get started!! 🚀

We are now pleased to present to you a list of web personalization software. Whether you are a SaaS provider or an online shop, you can use these to optimize your incoming web traffic by personalizing your websites.

1. Relevic

Relevic Home page

Relevic claims to turn your website into a conversion machine in a matter of a few minutes. It is a promising new tool for your business if it needs quick and low-cost ways to personalize shopping experiences and improve the effectiveness of landing pages. 

Let’s now explore it in detail. 

➢ Focus: Relevic is quite favorable as it targets industries of all sizes, whether eCommerce, SaaS, or any other sector. It is designed to improve your website's conversion and engagement rates and reduce bounce rates by allowing you to make changes directly on your webpages.

➢ Features: With a simple setup process, you can easily edit text, update call-to-action buttons, change images, and alter page structures. The user-friendly drag-and-drop canvas makes personalization campaigns straightforward, without any complex integrations or extensive coding.

➢ Ideal for: It is well-suited for all those businesses that are looking for a user-friendly personalization solution that does not require technical expertise.

➢ Pricing: One can enjoy the freemium pricing model, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

2. Personizely

Personizely Home page

Personizely is another personalization toolkit that has an extensive filter range to segment your website traffic. Hence, it basically uses your visitor’s contact information to raise average order value and boost sales.

Let’s now review it in detail.

➢ Focus: Personizely is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses as well as eCommerce platforms. It provides tools to boost conversions through the effective use of popups and widgets.

➢ Features: It gives you a range of features, including personalized content, email list building, cart abandonment solutions, and promotional widgets. While it has a no-code visual editor, some users may find it complex and challenging to use initially.

➢ Ideal for: It is best suited for those eCommerce businesses that aim to enhance customer engagement and increase conversions through the strategic use of popups and widgets.

➢ Pricing: Its pricing plans start at $39 per month with a 14-day free trial. However, the website personalization feature is available at higher pricing tiers.

3. VWO

VWO Home page‍

VWO is a complete A/B testing suite along with a website personalization offering. It mainly focuses on A/B testing and behaviour analytics, however, it has evolved into a website personalization platform in the last few years. 

Let’s unwind its features and pricing in detail now.

➢ Focus: VWO's primary focus is on A/B testing, providing a robust platform for businesses to optimize their online presence through data-driven decisions.

➢ Features: It has an intuitive visual editor, allowing users to create and execute experiments seamlessly without any extensive coding knowledge.

➢ Ideal for: It is perfect for eCommerce platforms, digital agencies, and SaaS companies that create personalized user experiences based on visitor’s behavior, preferences, and demographics.

➢ Pricing: VWO offers flexible pricing plans tailored to various business needs. It offers a freemium plan with only the Personalize Text feature included. However, if the number of unique visitors exceeds 10,000, pricing starts at $295 per month. For larger organizations, it provides the Enterprise plan with customized solutions.

4. Optimizely

Optimizely Home page

Optimizely is a digital experience optimization platform that helps your business improve its websites, mobile apps, and other digital properties through data-driven experimentation and personalization. You can take the rough calculations out of personalization for your customer base and provide lifetime values for different customer segments. 

Let’s now discuss its features and pricing models in detail.

➢ Focus: Optimizely serves as the premier marketing suite tailored for larger enterprise companies necessitating advanced customization and detailed analytics.

➢ Features: It offers extensive A/B and multivariate testing capabilities, server-side experiments, personalization at scale, and seamless integration with diverse tools.

➢ Ideal for: It caters to the needs of large enterprises seeking sophisticated platforms for executing complex experiments and implementing personalized strategies to drive engagement and conversions.

➢ Pricing: Optimizely's pricing structure begins at a minimum of $36,000 per year, with costs potentially exceeding $200,000 depending on the scale of requirements and traffic volume, making it an investment-worthy solution for enterprises prioritizing robust experimentation and optimization.

5. Bloomreach

Bloomreach Home page‍

Bloomreach is a flexible web personalization tool that helps your businesses with personalized marketing automation, customer data, and omnichannel orchestration. The personalization engine of Bloomreach uses built-in first-party data and sophisticated AI to understand the customers and personalize their experiences to drive sales. 

Let’s now explore its interesting features.

➢ Focus: Bloomreach focuses on integrating real-time customer and product data to enable personalized marketing, product discovery, and content management.

➢ Features: Its main features are AI-driven search and merchandising functionality, which enhances product discovery and relevance. Moreover, its deep insights into customer behavior and preferences help in precise targeting and personalization. Its omnichannel capabilities ensure a consistent customer experience across web, mobile, and other digital touchpoints. 

➢ Ideal for: It is suitable for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution to unify customer and product data, enabling personalized digital commerce experiences.

➢ Pricing: Pricing details are tailored based on specific product packages and business needs. Options include marketing automation, product discovery, and headless CMS packages.

6. Monetate

Monetate Home page

Monetate is one of the top-rated e-commerce personalization platforms that enables businesses of all sizes to build digital experiences with the help of powerful and easy-to-use tools. It primarily uses machine learning to personalise the customer’s content but sometimes it gets complex to integrate with existing systems because of its comprehensiveness.
Nevertheless, let’s discover more about it.

➢ Focus: Monetate specializes in real-time omnichannel personalization for eCommerce, helping retailers enhance customer experiences and boost conversions. 

➢ Features: Monetate offers features such as A/B and dynamic testing, individual customer journey personalization, personalized product recommendations, targeted marketing campaigns, and improved search result relevance for each customer.

➢ Ideal for: Monetate is ideal for eCommerce retailers aiming to deliver customized experiences to increase conversions.

➢ Pricing: Monetate offers quote-based pricing, customized to the specific needs of each business.

7. Kameleoon

Kameleoon Home page

Kameleoon is a web personalization tool that is designed specifically to support product managers, marketers, and developers, as it helps with different experiments and feature management needs. However, it does not limit itself here and also personalizes websites using AI tools. In addition, it provides solutions including lead management and visitor engagement.

Now if you want to know more, let’s just keep digging deeper.

➢ Focus: Kameleoon specializes in website optimization and personalization, enabling businesses to enhance user experience and drive conversions through data-driven strategies.

➢ Features: Their platform offers A/B testing, personalization engines, behavioral segmentation, analytics, and integration capabilities to empower businesses in making informed decisions and delivering tailored experiences.

➢ Ideal For: Kameleoon caters to eCommerce optimization, lead generation, and content personalization, allowing businesses to optimize product pages, capture leads, and deliver personalized content and offers.

➢ Pricing: Specific pricing details are not available on the website and require direct contact with the sales team. Kameleoon likely offers tiered pricing plans based on factors such as website traffic and feature set, along with custom enterprise solutions.

Concluding Insights

The seven web personalisation tools discussed above ranked highest on our list. This was due to their main focus, personalization features, editor, and pricing. When your business considers these options, you should first focus on the tools that fit best with your business goals. The tools should also blend well with your existing systems. However, you should not forget that embracing web personalization is not just about keeping up with the competition; it is about building long-lasting connections with your customers.

So let’s not wait any further! Start your web personalization journey today by signing up for a discovery call or expert consultancy with Relevic, and watch your online presence evolve from ordinary to extraordinary 💫 .

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